How to Make Your Own Picture Collage

Just returned from vacation, birthday party, or a photo shoot with tons of great photos? Thinking whether to upload them all to Facebook or have them printed for a photo book? That's what everybody does, but here's a more exciting idea: make your own picture collage! It looks much more impressive than single images, and it saves space if you want a printed copy. But what's even more important, collage creation is huge fun and might even unlock a designer in you. The video lesson above demonstrates how to make your own picture collage from a mixture of ordinary travel shots - see how great they look all together!

How to make your own picture collage

AMS Photo Collage Maker makes collage creation incredibly easy, even for a non-tech savvy person. Thank to drag & drop, it's just like working on a paper collage and even better. Move and rotate the items using your mouse, try on various picture frames, fancy masks, color filters, add clipart and captions - everything is totally intuitive. Have no fear of mistakes as you can undo redo any action, and nothing ever happens with your photo originals. Have a quick start with fun layouts, or try making a free-form collage if you prefer. Want a step-by-step guide? Then check out this written tutorial on how to make your own picture collage.