Photo Collage Maker Tutorials

Whether you are brand new to collage making, or searching for creative techniques or inspirational ideas, you'll find something of interest on this page. Watch the video lesson to get started with Photo Collage Maker and discover the variety of creative features available inside the software. After that, check out the tutorials below to find an exciting idea for your next art project.

Collage Design Tips and Tecnhiques

The art of collage doesn't have any strict rules, but still, it's good to know the A's and B's. Grid collage, jumbled collage, polaroid collage... there are lots of cool techniques to try! Learn more in these tutorials:

How to Make a Collage of Pictures

Photo Grid Collage Templates

How to Make a Polaroid Collage

How to Make a Collage Poster

Collage Ideas for Any Occasion

What event is coming up in your family? Wedding anniversary, mother's birthday, daughter's graduation... in lots of cases, a picture collage can be a perfect memento and a sweet DIY gift. Find plenty of ideas for various occasions here.

Graduation Photo Collage Ideas

Ideas for Anniversary Collage

Family Photo Collage Ideas

Mother's Day Collage Ideas

Collage Ideas for Kids

"I Love You" Collage Ideas

How to Make a Facebook Cover Collage

Creating Your Own Albums and Photo Books

Even in the age of digital photography, we still love shiny photo albums printed on glossy paper. Try your hand at making your own albums and photo books! Here are some tips for you to get started:

How to Make Your Own Photo Album

5 Lovely Family Photo Album Ideas

How to Make a Photo Book

Travel Photo Album Ideas

Wedding and Romantic-Themed Designs

How to keep the precious memories of your love story, engagement, and wedding day for many years to come? Find some creative ideas below.

How to Make Your Own Wedding Album

Wedding Photo Album Design

Making an Engagement Greeting Card

How to Make a Wedding Invitation Card

Cute Scrapbook Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Ideas for DIY Postcards and Greeting Cards

Say "no" to store-bought holiday cards and postcards and surprise your friends with unique DIY designs! Here are some exciting projects for you to try:

Design and Print Your Own Postcards

How to Make Christmas Cards at Home

Merry Christmas Collage for Postcards

How to Make a Birthday Invitation Card

Make Your Own Valentine Card!

Digital Scrapbooking Inspiration

Do you know that digital scrapbooking is one of the hottest hobbies today? In this section, you'll find tips and inspirations for your first (or next) scrapbook.

Digital Scrapbooking Basics

Scrapbooking Ideas for Kids

Scrapbooking Ideas for Baby Boy

Baby Girl Scrapbook Ideas