Travel Photo Book Inspiration

Just returned from an adventurous trip or a relaxing vacation with tons of great shots? Documenting your experiences in a travel photo book can be as exciting as travel itself. And even when a while has passed, it's so much fun to look back and regain perspective. The insignificant moments will be forgotten, and you'll have no difficulty picking the best images and creating an engaging photo story. If you're at the point of searching for travel photo book inspiration, you've come the right place. We invite you to watch a short video, showing how a gorgeous photo book is created, and then try making the first page of yours.

Travel photo book inspiration

Photo Collage Maker used to create this page design has a huge gallery of ready-to-use templates in a variety of styles. There is a selection of page templates for travel photo book among them. You just need to choose a style and insert your photos into the frames to make the first page. Then you can add a custom touch to the design - try different picture frames or border colors, move or replace cliparts, add captions etc. When your pages are ready, print them right from the program or save as JPEG or TIFF to send them to a printshop. It is sometimes the case that your travel photo book is ready, but you couldn't find a proper place for some good photos. Then take a look at one more cool design idea: make a collage of pictures!